[Testing] [OLPC-AU] Melbourne testing day

David Farning dfarning at activitycentral.com
Sat Feb 12 09:23:21 EST 2011

On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 3:00 AM, Sridhar Dhanapalan
<sridhar at laptop.org.au> wrote:
> On 12 February 2011 19:58, Sridhar Dhanapalan <sridhar at laptop.org.au> wrote:
>> On 11 February 2011 18:56,  <forster at ozonline.com.au> wrote:
>>>> The OLPC Australia XO-AU build 10.1.3-au2-rc5 is available for testing.
>>> Melbourne testing day is Sat19th
>>> We will have 10.1.3-au2-rc5 on the 1.5's, what build is suggested on the XO1.0's please?
>> From OLPC Australia's perspective, we don't have any custom XO-1
>> builds. My recommendation is to base your XO-1 testing from OLPC's
>> 10.1.3 build.
> I should also add that we hope to have 10.1.3-au2 final out before
> your testing day, so please keep an eye out for that.
> Release notes are being written at
> https://dev.laptop.org.au/projects/xo-au/wiki/1013-au2_release_notes


Do you have a list of high priority activities and the versions
olpc.au recommends?  A good testing point would be those activities.
10.1.3 (and dextrose) look pretty good but we are finding a lot of
bugs in activities.


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