[Testing] OLPC-Installation-XO-1.0-Problem with OK prompt

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Sep 15 01:07:51 EDT 2010

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 09:56:06AM +0530, Lahiru Tharaka wrote:
> I am using OLPC  XO 1.0 laptop.When i try to install the OS 852 and
> the firmware Q2E45, it does not display the OK prompt.

While the laptop being secured may cause the ok prompt to be
inaccessible, there are other causes, including pilot error.  Check
carefully with the instructions for accessing the ok prompt.

See http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Ok for these instructions.

> I found out that the developer key has been wiped out.

The previous person who installed a developer key should have followed
up with disable-security, which would have prevented such a situation.

This time, after you have resolved the immediate problem, make sure you
use disable-security.  See

> Because last time installation has been done by using the game keys.
> I downloaded the developer key from "file:///HOME/.DEVKEY.HTML".

Can you provide a copy of that by e-mail please?

> But it did not save in the XO laptop(inside "security" folder).

More information on this point may be helpful.

> Then these steps were followed to get the developer key and the OK
> prompt.

These are the Collection Stick steps from

> 1) Downloaded Actos.zip and Runos.zip.
> 2) Put these two files into a directory called "boot"(in the USB
> memory stick).
> 3) Insert the USB memory stick in one of the USB ports on the OLPC.
> 4) Powered it on with the power key(This will put your Serial number
> and UUID into the ?laptops.dat? file on
>  the USB memory stick).
> 5) A short message "Laptop data recorded successfully" should be displayed .
> But it did not display a message "Laptop data recorded successfully"
> and there was a laptop.dat file with 0Kb (No data in it).

Therefore the following conditions may have been present:

1.  OpenFirmware may not have been able to read the USB drive; test the
USB drive in another laptop using OpenFirmware ok prompt, "dir u:", the
expected result is a list of files on the USB drive, otherwise an error
should occur,

2.  OpenFirmware may not have been able to process the partition table
on the USB drive, as above, test the USB drive in another laptop,

3.  the directory may not have been named "boot", check with
OpenFirmware in another laptop, "dir u:" should indicate a directory
called BOOT,

4.  the files were not present in the boot directory, check with
OpenFirmware in another laptop, "dir u:\boot" should show two files,

5.  the files actos.zip or runos.zip were not correctly downloaded,
check with OpenFirmware in another laptop, "dir u:\boot" should indicate
a file ACTOS.ZIP of 6689 bytes, and RUNOS.ZIP of 6689 bytes,

6.  the laptop may already be unlocked, check by either repeating the
access instructions at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Ok or attempting to use
the Collection Stick with the X and tick (check) game keys held down.
The X game key forces secure boot when in non-secure mode.

Write back with your findings, CC mailing list.

James Cameron

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