[Testing] [support-gang] Dextrose on XO-1?

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Sep 13 20:27:06 EDT 2010

G'day Caryl,

I'm sure you've had this problem before, somewhere between downloading
and putting the file on the USB drive ... but please check with the
OpenFirmware to see what it thinks is on the USB drive.  Use the dir
command, telling it to look at the USB drive, like so:

ok dir u:

Check carefully that there is both an OS373PYG.IMG and OS373PYG.CRC file
present, with no .txt or anything else.  Just those names.

Don't proceed with the copy-nand command unless the above test passes.
(in your specific case, not generally).

The dir command also lists the file size in bytes.  You should find the
OS373PYG.CRC file will have a size of 37242 bytes.

James Cameron

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