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Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Fri Nov 5 15:56:11 EDT 2010

If you can, would be great have feedback about the last changes in Write.
I have uploaded a activity ONLY FOR TEST to
This version is for Sugar > 0.84, if want to help testing with Sugar 0.84,
the next week we will have versions for 0.84

Features to test:

1) Write: Change the default method of insert images
By default Write inserted the images "floating", I have changed it to insert
the image "in line".
Now you can insert a image in a table and in my tests, the images are easier
to use.
If you want insert a image "floating", there are a new palette, in the
insert image button with a checkbox to enable it.
May be is not the best interface, suggestions welcomed.

2) Cleanup sharing code
Updated and applied patch from tickets SL #1962, OLPC #5062, OLPC #8680.
There are not effects to the end user. If there are any regression would be

3) Change the logic for preserve the mime type at reading and saving files
Previously, Write did wrong things when opened text files, or when you open
files from a usb drive
and copy again the files in the usb.
There are tickets filled: SL #2127, OLPC #8972, OLPC #5291 and OLPC #1925
Now you can open and save from every supported file types  (**) without
If you save a .doc file, will change the extension to rtf, because Abiword
does not save .doc files
If you copy a .abw file to the usb, will be saved like .abw.CRASHED but it
is related to anther problem (in the Journal code)
anyway you can open the file created.

4) Fix paste images in write - olpc #2507 and olpc #7186

Now you can copy a image from Paint, Browse or Write and paste in Write
You need the last versions of Browse and Paint.



** supported mimetypes:
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