[Testing] Need help on customizing the TRAC bug Tracker

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Mar 30 20:50:58 EDT 2010

G'day Karthika,

Sorry, I can't change bugs.sugarlabs.org, but I can suggest change to
Sugar Labs if there is a need for the changes.

I don't think there is need for "suggestions" or "clarifications".
There is an "enhancement" type that is suitable for suggestions.  I
don't think a bug tracker is the right place to seek clarification.

The hardware components you list are not suitable for Sugar bugs.
Component should not be specified by a tester unless it is absolutely
certain that the bug is in a known component.

The activity names you list should indeed be added, and I'll ask for
them to be added.

The status names are already present.

James Cameron

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