[Testing] Wellington Testing Summary - Saturday 27 February

Alastair Munro aperson39 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 01:11:22 EST 2010

Who: Alastair, Bex, Brenda, Callum, Casey, Grant, Tanya, Tim

Help-10: Doesn't launch on the XO 1.5 build 110 due to a malformed bundle

WatchMe-2: XO1.5 build 110 launches and allows you to invite others to the
activity but once other people join it shows a screen saying that its
connecting but never connects.

VisualMatch-8: Numbers Tab: at the end of the game, no high scores are
listed, Name makes you think you want to find similar items which confused
us for a while.

Poll-2: XO1.5: Can share and vote on polls, works well although voting rules
allow the person who started the poll to skew votes by voting as many times
as they want.

Speak-11: XO-1 os802b1, trying to use the robot tab causes the sound on the
XO to totally disappear until reboot.

Timelapse-2: XO-1: Most of the collection types work well although the one I
wanted to try the most "Timelapse collection" doesn't work after setting up
to capture an image every 10 seconds and hitting capture after about 1
minute nothing had happened. This activity also spams the Journal with
entries, after closing I found there were over 30 new Journal entries.
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