[Testing] [olpc-nz] Today's/Tonight's QA Phone Call Conclusions & Unofficial Minutes

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Fri Feb 26 13:04:06 EST 2010

> Something as "simple" as a tracker would work. If you want something
> tested, raise a ticket. Developers can look at the ticket to see what
> the status of your test request is. Testers can look at the list of open
> tickets to see what is ready for testing. Every request has a date and a
> log of what has been done. This is how the test groups work in the
> software development houses I've worked with.
> Do we use the olpc tracker or the sugarlabs tracker? Starting another
> one seems like a bad idea.

If it's testing of Sugar, Sugar Activities, or Sugar on a Stick, 
http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ is the place to go (set the component to 
either the Activity you're testing, or to soas).


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