[Testing] Can not access the OK prompt

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Aug 25 21:32:44 EDT 2010

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 08:43:34PM +0530, Arafath Rizan wrote:
> I tried to install the OS by pressing the Power key and the Game keys,
> after that only this problem arise. i checked the developer key
> (Before install the OS) its available in the XO1.0 and the security is
> disabled.. but still i cant go to the OK prompt to install the
> Firmware. when i switch the power black screen with some commands runs
> and there i can see some symbols which is a USB, PC.. after that
> system boots with out any problem with the New OS build 851.

There are three states a laptop can be in:

1.  secure, with no developer key, (prevents access to ok prompt),

2.  secure, with developer key on internal storage, (allows access to ok

3.  unsecure, (allows access to ok prompt).

Given the evidence you've presented, it seems like a developer key was
installed, but then a new build os851 was installed, which overwrote
that developer key.  "wipe out".

So I suggest the following:

a.  obtain and present the developer key to the laptop, by following the
documentation in the section "If you wipe out your developer key", at
from either the "Insert a USB flash drive or SD card with your developer
key on it" text or the "Once boot completes you can restore your
developer key back to NAND flash" text,

b.  obtain the ok prompt, (it will not be obtainable unless the correct
matching developer key is presented in step a, so if this step fails go
back to step a),

c.  use "disable-security" in the correct fashion, by following the
documentation in the section "Disable the security system", at

James Cameron

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