[Testing] Automatic power management

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Aug 25 18:59:08 EDT 2010

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 05:09:28PM +0530, Asiri Gunarathna wrote:
> Reason for asking previous question is, there's a test scenario for
> previous built which is following ,

Be wary of test scenarios for previous releases, since they need to be
reviewed in light of the release notes.  ;-)  I guess this is what
you're doing.

> first enable the automatic power saver. & then
> 1. Click on the Browse Activity
> 2. type the "OLPC Library" in address bar.
> 3. Click on the "media" tab left side on screen.
> 4. click the "sample music"
> 5. Click on the "Blu may" Icon.
> 6. Without doing anything to keyboard, touch pad & other buttons, try
> to listen to the music
> and the result was  Media file will be played. and It  stopped after
> 50-60 seconds time period.

I've not seen that test scenario before, and I don't know what it is
intended to be testing.  Can you provide further details of the test
case?  Is the test case on our wiki anywhere?  I could not find it in a

In the current design, your test scenario will be unreliable, because:
the playback of audio using Browse uses a graphics visualisation which
consumes roughly 95% CPU on an XO-1, and 55% CPU on an XO-1.5, and this
is sufficient to prevent idle suspend.

Minor comment on point 2 above; there is no need to type "OLPC Library"
in the address bar, because it is already present if you start a new
instance of the Browse activity.  You should check that the text is
present though, because it is possible to start Browse from a journal
entry on the activity ring, and therefore the previous page visited will
be shown.  To avoid this, either right-click on the Browse icon in the
activity ring and select the monochrome "Start" option, or use the
activity list to start it.

My test results for this test scenario:

- on XO-1 release 8.2.1 build gg-802-1.img stops playing the music,

- on XO-1 and XO-1.5, release candidate 2 of release 10.1.2 build os851
  keeps playing the music.

James Cameron

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