[Testing] [support-gang] reviving XO-1 OS builds, as the XO-1.5 release approaches...

Adric Net adric at adric.net
Thu Jul 16 16:37:51 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I have an XO-1, some usb sticks, and other odds and ends, along with  
fast Internet access.
I expect there are others in similar situations who would like to help  
test on XO-1 ... if only
to make sure that their hardware will continue to run the new code.  
How can we help?
Is there an image available? Will it come in via the old olpc-update  
rsync script?
Or is it more like you need a build manager to put one together before  
that will be possible?

Further, I also have some server space and bandwidth available for  
mirrors and seeds.
( I think y'all are full up on web tools and wikis, or I'd offer those  
too. *g* )

So, where should I, and the testing community I have crossposted to  
*wave*, start ?
And when will it be helpful to pull in some parents of XO-1 kids to  
try this out on?

Adric Net
adric at adric.net

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