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WLG Testing summary: Saturday 29 November

Who: Grant, Alastair, Uli (with wife and 2 testers aged 5 and 2 1/2 years),

What: we tested record-59 mostly today on build 767 over simple mesh, found
that one was unable to capture due to journal full error that could not be
resolved even with empty journal and clean reboot. Did resolve the error
message on another XO though. Tested on five XOs with the other three XOs
not experiencing this message.

Tried out using the new form based spreadsheet (thanks Carl) and this looks
good. We just need edit rights to add other activities to drop down list.
Seems to cover a lot of the typical tester questions.  The comments area of
the form needs expansion and the trac number field needs to be able to
handle multiple trac numbers for activities with multiple bugs.

We also tested geoquiz on three XOs. Found it still crashes activity
(closes) when you complete a continent. No positive feedback to the user to
say "you rock, well done" before crash close.

Uli taking XO named Moodle home :-)

Too sunny here to test anymore.

Support OLPC G1G1 - laptop.org/xo

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I've been playing around with the google forms thing and at the risk of
yet-another-test-results-collection-tool we have:


This presents a form that fills in:


In theory anyone can fill out the form and view, but not edit, the sheet.
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