[Testing] FYI: adricnet, mchua brainstorming in #olpc re: Activity automation interface, 2:30pm EST today

Joseph A. Feinstein joe at laptop.org
Wed Nov 12 14:18:02 EST 2008

In olpc-what? What channel?

At 12:37 PM 11/12/2008, Mel Chua wrote:
>(This is just an announcement letting people know what's going on - we
>don't actually expect lots of folks to be able to participate, but
>thought we'd send a shout-out in case somebody was able to + wanted to,
>and also as a log of what's happening with community testing.)
>Brainstorming on the below in #olpc about 2 hours from now, at 2:30pm EST.
>     * *adricnet, mchua* Dream up automation designs to present to group
>       next week. "I'm a tester. I want to automate this boring thing.
>       What is my ideal interface to do so / the most beautiful tool I
>       could imagine for it?" *(current status: scheduling brainstorm)*
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