[Testing] buildbot for sugar-jhbuild

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Sun Mar 30 19:27:47 EDT 2008

Hi folks,

I've placed a temporary buildbot here,


running an Ubuntu buildslave for sugar-jhbuild.  It runs 'sugar-jhbuild'
every two hours and displays the results.  I'm happy to maintain it
(although I'll probably change the URL to something like
olpc.idyll.org/buildbot/) and even add buildslaves if people have other
configurations they'd like to test.

I would really like to test building things from scratch once daily, but
I'm not sure how the owners of the machines hosting all of the packages
would feel about that.  Any thoughts?

Also, would it possible to have sugar-jhbuild exit with a non-zero error
whenever anything goes wrong, like a missing dependency?  Compilation
was finishing suspiciously fast because (as it turned out) simplejson
suddenly became a new requirement :)

comments welcome!


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