[Testing] Random observations with joyride-2225 and latest activities

Christoph Derndorfer e0425826 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Mon Jul 28 21:26:27 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I've been running joyride-2225 with what I believe to be the latest 
versions (as per the update software functionality of the 
sugar-control-panel) of some core activities. In the past half hour I 
have stumbled across some issues that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere 
else so I thought I'd share them:

a) Record: using v56 the activity starts up fine, the display shows 
whatever the camera is capturing, I can go into fullscreen-mode, switch 
to different tabs, etc. However once I press the "capture"-button the 
whole thing basically freezes, sometimes I was still able to move the 
mouse but clicking wouldn't have any impact, at other times Sugar 
completely froze and I had to do a hard reset of the XO.
b) TurtleArt: v7 is missing an "l" in the activity title so we're 
looking at "TurteArt"
c) Read: This activity is only useful if started by clicking on a file 
with a mime-type that's associated to read. However it still shows up in 
the list view of the home-view even though you actually can't do 
anything with it once you start it. The activity.info file has the 
"show_launcher" property to define that behavior, not sure whether in 
this case it's simply set wrongly in the read .info or whether the 
list-view presently ignores this attribute.
Another odd issue is that when you open read from the list / favorites 
view and you then want to close it you're presented with a "keep error" 
message which seems quite useless considering the fact that no activity 
/ file was actually resumed. Again, not sure whether that's an issue 
with read or the underlying Journal structure.
d) Brightness adjustment: up to 708 and most earlier joyrides that I 
have used in the past weeks allowed you to immediatly turn of the 
backlight by pressing ctrl + reduce brightness button. With joyride-2225 
this doesn't work anymore.

Let me know what you think.


Christoph Derndorfer
OLPCnews, http://www.olpcnews.com

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