[Testing] Testing summary - 20 December 2008

Tabitha Roder tabitha.roder at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 18:37:08 EST 2008

Wellington testers summary - 20 December 2008
Present - Carl, Bob, Grant, Amber, Alastair, Tabitha

Bit random today. We raised the question of what the friends view is for -
cant join activities from here so not sure of its purpose. We tried to
collaborate in Paint and cried that it did not let us draw together. We
tried collaborating in Colors and found we could, but Colors has less
functionality and when one person is adjusting the paint tool all others
find their brush is changed. We tried using these with Write and found we
could bring in our drawings from Paint but not Colors.
We learned that if the starter of the Write activity leaves the activity
view then all the Write collaborators were kicked out of the activity - that
was just weird. We are testing it again after XO restarts. Reproduced -
activity sharer leaves and closes activity on other XOs.

We joined IRC olpc-meeting channel and asked questions - we are wondering if
we should use trac instead of google docs spreadsheet form or wiki test
cases. Trac seems to be a better tool for collecting test resuts and could
have a simple form for volunteers to fill in the test they carried out -
borrow our form to get it started. Someone think about that please.
Carl has been playing with the wiki but we are just not getting anywhere -
can't see how this could be used to meet all the criteria of volunteer
testers and developers and see good solid test results collected and acted
on. We vote "trac".

This is the close of official testing parties for Wellington for 2008 but we
will be back on Saturday 10 January 2009 with guest speakers lined up to
keep us engaged and motivated, kick starting the new year. We welcome people
to keep emailing us over the holiday period and we will be showing off the
XOs to others over the break too.

Merry Christmas.

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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