[Testing] 8.2.1 test plan finalized (next: test cases need finalization)

Kimberley Quirk kim at laptop.org
Tue Dec 9 22:43:17 EST 2008

We need to include all the smoke tests, which should be run on any  
build to ensure that the basic functionality of the build has been  

Also, we should review other test cases that might help reveal a  
regression... for instance, if we mess with wireless drivers, we need  
to do some more thorough wireless testing -- connecting to various  
access points, perhaps doing a 50 laptop test to a school server, ...  
in reviewing the bugs that are being fixed, we need to think about  
other areas that might be affected.

Let's plan on a review of the test cases with people who understand  
the bug fixes so we can brainstorm a bit on the test coverage.

Do you want to call that meeting? Probably Friday or later so we have  
the complete list of bug fixes that are going into the release.


On Dec 9, 2008, at 3:45 PM, Mel Chua wrote:

> Ah, so it is! Thanks for the catch, Bert - fixed.
> Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>> On 09.12.2008, at 19:23, Mel Chua wrote:
>>> I believe that means that we can consider the list of test cases  
>>> here as
>>> final (Joe/Kim, please holler if I'm incorrect):
>>> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Test_cases_8.2.1
>> The Etoys ticket number is 8982 not 9045 as listed on that page.
>> And please use the spelling "Etoys" if possible.
>> - Bert -

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