[Testing] Community-based testing; wiki use

SJ Klein sj at laptop.org
Thu Nov 8 23:09:25 EST 2007

tracwiki : evil.
olpcwiki : lesser evil.

We already have too many sites that people have to visit and keep track 
of.  We're trying to unify them, and related recentchanges feeds, not
add more to them.

Unless there is a very good reason not to use the olpcwiki, please do
so for all loosely-structured data.

Greg, I just wrote you a mediawiki extension that converts
<trac>NNNN description</trac> into a link into olpc's trac.
For details and usage examples, see

Along with the gitinclude extension added earlier, you should be able to 
neatly traverse trac and git without leaving the wiki.


On Wed, 7 Nov 2007, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:

> On Wed, 7 Nov 2007, Samuel Klein wrote:
>> Greg, feel free to trial ideas directly on our wiki; and merge pages that 
>> seem similar.
>> I like structured data.  Wikis have a simpleminded view of this, but
>> it's useful for gathering one's thoughts.
>>>> The kind of reporting we need is: date/timestamp for each run; tester;
>>>> pass/fail results; link to bugs
>>>> Do you think that can be done in the wiki?
>>> We can certainly try.  More overhead == harder, but so long as the 
>>> template is simple, it should be manageable.  Mostly, what you need is 
>>> someone who's committed to improving the process over time.
>> Quite right.  With some template like:
>> {{activity-test|date|tester|result|bugs}}
> I'll get to work.  Duties at RH to take care of tomorrow, but expect to see 
> something by COB Friday.  If you approve, I'll start driving 
> testers/developers to the new process ASAP.
> Incidentally, I'm now hanging out on #olpc-qa.
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