[sugar] Multiple branches and translation of strings - seeking suggestions for best practices

Arjun Sarwal arjun at laptop.org
Mon Sep 22 13:56:11 EDT 2008


For the Activity that I maintain,  I maintain two branches - devel and
stable. At the time of a release contents of devel=stable.

I am realizing that I am not implementing the best practice.

As time passes stable continues to remain the same while I do
development in devel. Thus devel becomes very divergent from stable.
This also causes a large amount of strings to remain untranslated
because stable is being translated and perhaps it doesnt make sense
(?) to translate devel until a release into stable is made.

So I want to ask,

1. Is there any use of maintaining such branches  ? Or should I have
just one development branch and 'tag' it at a release ?

2. If I do maintain such branches, should one undergo a cycle of
localization(Translation) after each release of code from devel branch
is made ?

Thanks in advance.

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