[sugar] 9.1 Proposal: Report cards on XO

Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos at bolinux.org
Wed Oct 22 11:01:27 EDT 2008

Following with the "Printing support" thread, I found out that the 
"only" item that _needs_ printing in the conventional school setup is 
the report cards.

Since I militantly believe that XO-supported education we should not 
depend on printing at all if it were possible, I would want to submit a 
proposal to have grading information be accessible through the XO.

While that is a simple part of student management software that 
doubtlessly will be part of the server, and thus accessible as a web 
page, still there would be a need for that information to be copied 
_into_ the XO for those kids who would have no access to the server from 
their homes.

Thus, in its proposed incarnation, the "Work Report" activity would 
exist in the XO, be fed its information updates from the school server.  
The child and family would have that info as an available reminder of 
the teacher's feedback and child-specific suggestions. 

 From a security standpoint the server notices via mac address the ID of 
the child's computer to upload info to.

There would be an associated activity, "Teacher Reports", available for 
the teachers' XOs, where the teacher can comment on student work.  
Simple fields, "what is good about this work", "what needs improvement", 
"other suggestions". 

While I personally would avoid there be a "grade" field, I am aware I 
will be overruled on this, so I concede.

In most cases anyways the report card follows a definite format and is 
already pre-printed to be filled out by hand.  I am sure that 
improvements on this are possible, but since this is very much a 
nationally-defined format, it might not make sense to worry at this 
stage.  Last time I was there in 2000, Uruguay High Schools printed 
reports on dot-matrix plain paper already.


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