[sugar] Sugar 0.83 snapshot

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 09:03:03 EDT 2008


Tomeu needed a way to test git master on the XO. I initially though to write
scripts to generate snapshot rpms, but then I figured out something much
cheaper. I wrote a very simple script to do a sugar-jhbuild inside mock,
using the olpc-3 configuration (my bash skills are very poor, patches are


I generated a first snapshot:


To install it on joyride you can:

1 Start sugar and connect to the network
2 yum install gnome-python2-gconf
3 Untar  (paths are not absolute so do it from / for now)
4 Put "/opt/sugar/sugar-jhbuild run sugar" in your .xsession
5 Disable security for now (I need to figure out how to setup the custom
dbus conf with the new sugar script in master)
6 Reboot

I'm posting to the list in case some other developer can make use of it.
This is meant just as tool for developers to quickly get a jhbuild on the XO
for testing. We will build sugar rpms in joyride as usual starting with

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