[sugar] Release schedule and process

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Wed May 14 10:30:07 EDT 2008

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Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
| Blessing a browser is not going to remove competition.
| In practice, GNOME blesses a browser and despite most of the
| distributor/users are using another one, with no interoperability
| issues.

This is the key example:  Gnome has an official browser (Epiphany) and an
official mail client (Evolution).  I don't know anybody who uses either on
their own computers.  Yet most still have both installed.  This is stupid
and wasteful.

In truth, I think we are in agreement.

As I said before, we should maintain two builds: sugar-base and
sugar-demo.  sugar-base is essentially a virtual machine for Activities.
It does not come with any activities; it is just the empty shell.
sugar-demo is an example build, containing a complete set of activities to
show what we imagine a typical sugar installation to look like.  Both of
these builds should be built whenever there is a change, like joyride.
Most developers will run sugar-demo.  Most users will run custom builds
created by their deployments.  Deployments will create custom builds by
starting with a release version of the sugar-base build and using a
customization system to add Activities.  The resulting custom build may be
similar to sugar-demo, but need not contain all the activities in sugar-demo.

I think our problem is just naming.  Which of these things is "Sugar"?  We
should name these components separately, so that we know what we're
talking about.

- --Ben
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