[sugar] Speech Synthesis Integration - User Interfaces and other Implementation Considerations

Hemant Goyal goyal.hemant at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 12:48:16 EST 2008


I was thinking while the packaging of speech dispatcher continues I could
finalize certain UI considerations for speech synthesis. I had a word with
Tomeu and he advised me to write all the points in a mail to the list.

Particularly we want to focus on :

   1. A Speech Configuration Management for Sugar
      1. Provision of a control panel for modifying speech synthesis
      2. How these parameters will be stored and retrieved when
      changes are made
      3. What parameters to expose?
      1. Language - Perhaps this should be the sugar default?
         2. Voice Selection - Male/Female, Child/Adult, Age
         3. Rate
         4. Pitch
         5. Volume
      2. GUI considerations
      1. A Speech Synthesis Button
         1. Has many states - Play/Stop (Pause?)
         2. Reveals a control panel for modifying the speech
         synthesis parameters and provides a text box for getting some
text data for
         speech synthesis?
         2. What to text to send for speech synthesis?
         1. If some text is highlighted then that text should be
         2. If no text is highlighted and speech synthesis button
         is clicked
            1. Send data of some active window and provide
            karaoke style highlighting of text?
            2. Continue synthesis until the end of the document
            or stop button is pressed
         3. Possibly a Speech Synthesis keyboard shortcut too -
   Should effect the Speech Synthesis button
   4. Speak out a welcome message to the child when the XO boots up?
   (Hello xyz welcome to sugar or something like that?)

Please share any other ideas which you think can improve the User Experience
wrt speech synthesis.

I'd like to write the patches and wrap up the coding by the time speech
dispatcher RPMs are ready so that we can roll this feature in the XOs and
get some feedback :)

Hemant Goyal
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