[sugar] 0.84 goals

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 17:08:04 EDT 2008


I started working on the goals for 0.84 in the wiki:


Here is what I have so far.

* Next generation journal
* File sharing
* Collaboration scalability
* Responsive UI
* Stable activities API
* Official Sugar LiveCD
* Compatibility with desktop applications
* Quality and reliability

Each of them points to a separate page in the wiki. I'll be working on 
several of these pages in the next weeks, writing down requirements, 
designs and thoughts about resourcing. Help wanted!

As you can see the scope is very large. The plan is to narrow down each 
item to more concrete action items and then probably punt some of the 
high level goals. But I really want to get a bunch of stuff done this 

I know it's very vague for now. But if something is obvious missing 
please let me know or edit directly.


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