[sugar] How to start a binary executable through an activity?

Michael Stone michael at laptop.org
Mon Oct 22 15:25:19 EDT 2007

One way to do this is to use python's "subprocess" module


to launch the external binary.


gives a variety of examples of this library in action.

Does this answer your question?


On Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 07:21:01PM +0200, Teus Benschop wrote:
> Good evening,
> Any help on the following problem, probably simple for you, will be 
> appreciated.
> I seem to be unable to find information on how to start a binary from an 
> activity.
> There is the Myactivity.activity directory, and that may contain the 
> activity.py file that contains the bulk of the work to be done.
> I would be glad to hear how this activity.py could start binary 
> /usr/bin/mybinary
> This binary is supposed to start as soon as the activity icon is clicked.
> Thank you,
> Teus Benschop
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