[sugar] sugar xubuntu livecd

Jani Monoses jani at ubuntu.com
Sun Dec 2 09:38:51 EST 2007


now that the browser activity is working[*], I have modified a Xubuntu 
7.10 liveCD to include the existing .deb packages of Sugar. They are up 
to date as of git master, equivalent of current joyride.

TamTam and Etoys are not yet packaged.

It boots in plain Xfce and the emulator is in the applications menu, 
'Other' section

Starting in native sugar can be achieved by relogging in and choosing 
the sugar session. User is 'ubuntu' and there in no password.

It can be installed to the hard drive as any Ubuntu derived liveCD, by 
using the install icon on the desktop.

There's a script in the download directory which puts the ISO on a 
bootable USB stick for easier testing.



[*] Dropping --enable-safe-browsing from the config options in the 
ubuntu xulrunner-1.9 package make it no longer crash in pyxpcom. No idea 
why, but it works.

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