[Server-devel] Debian 9 (and CentOS 8 in 2018?) as the basis for IIAB over years to come

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Sat Aug 26 14:28:50 EDT 2017

As Internet-in-a-Box 6.4 approaches the starting gates in coming weeks,
anticipating far more broad community adoption — after our amazingly
successful http://OFF.NETWORK Conference and Hackathon... and some very
strong endorsements from Wikipedia — we have to be very honest...

Our global impact and the quality of our community product increases when
we avoid distractions—and instead Focus-Like-a-Laser on our global
community's most used and most needed LTS (long-term support) Linux OS's.

Which of course means: a reduction in support for older OS's, such as those
built around Debian 8.x (e.g. the old Raspbian, and Debian 8.x itself) as
Debian 9.x "Stretch" increasingly underlies an ever-larger amount of our
work every day~

*None of this is a walk in the park, but on the bright side the transition
is very well underway thanks to the extremely hard work of Jerry Vonau, Tim
Moody & George Hunt especially!*

Just like the ongoing transition from CentOS 7.3 to the imminent 7.4
involves more package upgrades than all other CentOS point releases To
Date, and so might not happen instantly!  Even if nothing like the
transition to CentOS 8 expected in in 2018 or so!

*Which is all to say... HUGE Thanks to the MANY anonymous volunteers people
who keep **pulling together to strengthen our Internet-in-a-Box testing
around these 4 OS's especially!*

   Raspbian Stretch (ARM, based on Debian 9.x)
   Debian 9.1
   Ubuntu 16.04.3 (x86_64)
   CentOS 7.4 (imminent!)

*And a sincere Hope we keeo seeing everyone & all on our Monday/Thursday
calls (typically 10:30AM NYC Time @ http://minutes.iiab.io
<http://minutes.iiab.io>) as we navigate these final exciting weeks to IIAB
6.4 (and beyond) together !*
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