[Server-devel] Internet-in-a-Box/XSCE 6.2 Release Underway! (Public Annc TO FOLLOW)

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Wed Apr 19 22:12:29 EDT 2017

(Broad Public Annc TO FOLLOW as content-rich images appear in coming days &

Excerpt from http://schoolserver.org :

*IIAB/XSCE 6.2 <http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS_Community_Edition/6.2> was
released April 19, 2017, with Release Notes here
<https://github.com/xsce/xsce/wiki/IIAB-6.2-Release-Notes>. Consider
a Quick Install
to install the best open learning content you need, helping all reflect on
which directions Internet-in-a-Box
<http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS_Community_Edition/6.3> should head next!*

*PREVIEW: please try our complete v6.2 install images including sampler
content, when they're published for different CPU's, OS's and languages in
coming weeks here: http://download.iiab.io <http://download.iiab.io/>*

*Thanks +ALL+ for making this quite amazing, transformational release

PS githash "f3078a15" @ https://github.com/xsce/xsce/commits means you're
with the cool kids, updated to the official v6.2 release, ready to ROCK

PPS How do I know what version of IIAB/XSCE I'm running?  Answer #19 @
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