[Server-devel] olpc-dm/Xorg segfault only if during systemd boot

George Hunt georgejhunt at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 14:14:19 EDT 2015

XSCE server code loaded on 128GB SD card running on XO1.5. We've added lots
of services, and for generic servers, disabled the GUI (systemctl disable

But for aesthetic reasons, it might be more attractive to start up in
sugar/mate, and return the memory, if the user really wants to serve
clients. ( set it back to default.target => multi-user.target).

Xorg starts, flashes the screen, and gives up (systemd retries about 32
times and gives up)

The /var/log/Xorg.log shows a segfault immediately after "VIA 3d engine
enabled" during systemd boot. But interestingly, if ollpc-dm is started
after systemd has completed, olpc-dm brings up Xorg successfully.

So there may be a dependency, which without all the additional services, is
properly sequenced.  We may need to delay olpc-dm until after that
dependency is satisfied.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be happening? Or additional tests I
might perform?
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