[Server-devel] Tony Anderson's platform, running for Sugar Labs Oversight Board

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Tue Dec 29 20:24:37 EST 2015

Very encouraging to see Sugaristas' Long Term Support discussions of any
kind: how to innovate sustaining old hardware with new software, how to
balance hacker contributors' critical motivations with 3rd world educators'
excruciating economics, how to think about Server-Sugar interactions
evolving online and off(*). Etc...with so many earnest constituencies of
this cathartic 21st century movement sometimes working at cross purposes
for literally no reason at all ~ it's time for our 3 cups of tea (or beers
below ;)

Say it ain't so, Joe??  Those of us who've spent thousands of dollars on
computation in our lives (likely 90+ % of all Sugar Labs Members) cannot
transplant our tech-privilege to the world's most resource-starved human
beings, fighting for a chance to learn, Try As We Mightily Did.  Instead,
Humanity needs to face our edutechno-treadmill resourcing question together
-- technorich/edupoor alongside technopoor/edurich alongside
committed-to-the-end support volunteers of every kind in between.  A
prescriptive "Sugar Deployment Guide" may never fly (but please don't
dismiss author James Simmons trying!)  There will Certainly always be
plentiful "Sugar Learning Guidance/Fieldback" we ignore at our peril, but
statistical approaches arrive incrementally in the face of all our
challenges, as Walter outlined a year ago:

NOT easy when the $50-device-movement advocating
de-facto-disposable-phablets and de-facto-disposable-OS's across the
developing world, is willfully insulting almost every kid's
environmental/constructionist/journalistic intelligence.  With the
shallowest digital distractions posing as education surging into the
developing world riding hog over Net Neutrality and 2015's Millenium
Development Goals, can we avoid facing / coexisting with advertising
industry edutainment much longer?  And if so how, purposefully??  (a
counterexample is India, where "Facebook Free Basics" has barely made
inroads despite vast promotions we're told, FWIW).  Which bring us to
Tony's vision of the urgencies standing before us in 2016:


As we enter the Sugar/OLPC Movement's 2nd decade now (3 decades shapes a
generation?) sincere thanks Tony for nudging our tech-bro cultural
assumptions, trying to reboot a field dominated by women (teachers of all
kind are majority female in most countries) clearly needing a profound
rethink, from Negroponte's helicopter saturation-marketing dream where we
all began...that is until the League of Women Voters helps us out issuing
an official "Making Democracy Work" voter education card for Sugar Labs'
Jan 17-23 Election anyway??  (Reminder: sign up to vote/participate @
https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Labs/Members !)

Or if we wait too long time for that (yes Christoph Derndorfer's hair is
long enough, if he wants to write us an LWV-style comparative voting guide,
reviving OLPCNews.com for just 1 month) it might be best to move/rename
Tony's above official-looking top-level [[Platform]] page.  Connecting it
some other way to https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Tony37 (unless Tony
you're truly vying to become Sugar Labs' new Executive Director, now that
the E.D. role's Bottomless Beer Tab executive privilege
turtles-upon-turtles-all-the-way-down has been leaked to all :-)

(*) Our Wedn Dec 30th call, even if way too early for Free Beer at 9:30AM
NYC Time (we'll stick to Free Education this time, sorry) is open to all
who want to think about *Sugarizer.org running from online and offline
school servers* especially.  Thanks to special guest Lionel Laske, the
original creator Sugarizer.  Open agenda @ http://tinyurl.com/xsceminutes
-- hope to see you there!!
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