[Server-devel] another OLPC hero: Seta in Fiji installed XSCE on CentOS "7.1" today

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Wed Apr 29 20:47:14 EDT 2015

With essentially zero training.  The job is not done.  But there's a time
to celebrate heroic accomplishment when that happens: Seta Raiyawa comes
from a Windows background, and yet handled the job installing an open
source school server with extraordinary command-line proficiency, assisted
by Tim Moody's GUI installation tools (admin console @

Thanks to George Hunt for backstopping all these efforts using analog
screensharing, when push came to shove (yes a livestreaming laptop cam
pointed at a server console can do wonders bootstrapping -- with an XO just
in view of the webcam configuring the server via Tim's slick admin console
-- all from a country that did not exist until 1970/1987 ;)

(More power to Fiji, pushing forward across all 15 initial servers
hopefully soon ~ towards its dream of becoming a digital knowledge hub ~
education leader across the Pacific.)
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