[Server-devel] NUC with internal WiFi AP?

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Sat Apr 25 00:53:33 EDT 2015

Will NUC-like "handheld-size" servers with internal WiFi AP's ever be
possible?  (towards shrinking the spaghetti-peripherals-hassles that so
many educators are reacting to, eager for XSCE/IIAB/ETC but persistently
interested in a smaller all-around enclosure)

Following bit suggests the answer might be "no", but then again others
understand this far better than i !?


"Q: Using Linux / hostapd, will this work as an access point?

A: Yeah... ish. I have it in my router right now and it works great in the
2.4ghz band. Im working on getting the 5ghz band up and running but I seem
to be running into country code problems or it might be possible that this
card doesn't support AP mode in 5Ghz mode but Im hoping for the former :)
kernel 3.13.
EDIT. Talked to a intel kernel dev. 5ghz is disabled for regulatory reasons.

zanegrey  |  1 year ago"
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