[Server-devel] NUC progress

George Hunt georgejhunt at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 16:04:01 EDT 2014

False starts:

   - Order NUC, 8GB memory from Amazon
   - Insert Memory, hard disk, get no Power On Self Test Bios display
   - Memory I purchased not on Intel's list
   - Order memory from list
   - Still no Bios display
   - Get a NUC replacement from Amazon
   - Replacement displays same symptoms
   - Download bios upgrade onto USB stick remove motherboard jumper), turn
   on power
   - Wahoo! (hdmi handshake timing mentioned in the internet chatter)
   - Install FC20
   - Use ansible to install XSCE release5.0 -- got down to last step (monit)
   without the external USB ethernet dongle.
   - Stopped the install, and reconfigured networking.
   - Now struggling with utf8 communication between ansible and bash
   scripts returning "facts" (why the changing of networking should cause
   install to die at facts, is not yet clear to me)

I'm putting in a USB ethernet dongle for setup, and figuring that we might
replace the dongle with a USB 3G modem in Haiti.

I'm hoping to bridge the motherboard ethernet and the wifi (which I have
not yet seen work).

The good news it that It's really fast and seems to draw 6 watts, peaking
at 10(on watts-up-pro). The NUC + 8GB memory was $220.

The MSI was a little disappointing.  I was not able to get a bios display
there either.
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