[Server-devel] ds-backup needs ping which is disabled in 12.1.0

George Hunt georgejhunt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 18:25:54 EDT 2014

After looking vainly in the wrong places

I discovered this change made by Richard Smith 15 months ago to ds-backup
client code:

    # can't resolve & ping? outta here
    # OS release 12.1 and 13.1 dropped suid from ping so we try to run it with
    # root privs as sudo. If a root password has been set sudo will fail as well
    # in 13.2 suid root was restored to ping. So try both combinations
    sudo -n ping -c1 $BACKUP_HOST >/dev/null || \
	ping -c1 $BACKUP_HOST >/dev/null || \

So the TinyCore Linux HaitiOS firmware update for the wifi drivers,
mentioned in a recent email between Adam and Tim, should also include
setting setuid on /bin/ping.

I had already generated a new server side wsgi rpm and posted it to
xs-extra at unleashkids.org, and was in the process of testing.  I'm going
to undo that and continue testing (what I thought was wrong probably

Another example of where newer releases need to be used for a while - I
guess nobody really uses server backups -- and we didn't test xsce 5.0 very
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