[Server-devel] Internet-in-a-Box speed profiling tips on different CPUs?

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Sat Jun 7 02:18:29 EDT 2014

As RichardS & GeorgeH valiantly get up to speed clocking Internet-in-a-Box
bottlenecks on side-by-side school servers like Nepal's MSI DC111 (Celeron
1.8GHz, 2GB RAM) and faster, with many developing world deployments
worldwide itching to follow -- who has intuition what they should
test/compare first?

While streaming many different Khan Academy videos simultaneously, to many
Wifi-connected devices and browser tabs for starters?

I can only assume they'll start with a standard HW recipe along the lines

   1. Install XSCE 5.0 per http://schoolserver.org onto a system like
   Nepal's $275 MSI DC111 or comparable/faster.  Cheaper is great if
   2. Copy IIAB (all ~700GB if possible) to that school server's internal
   HDD using "rsync -a" (too many issues with dd).
   3. Curt is helping me distribute a brand-new release of IIAB to testers
   in coming weeks -- allowing diverse speed tests of Wikipedia's experimental
   new full-text-search and Open Street Map?
   4. Later/Bonus: are there cases where IIAB on an external USB3 drive is
   almost as fast as an internal HDD?  2GB RAM as good as 4GB RAM?
   5. When the going gets tough evaluating 3rd world deployments' imminent
   HW/SW choices, compare notes on irc chat channel #schoolserver (
   6. Scream for real (with joy ;) during our weekly Thursday calls no
   matter how ugly things get!

Thanks for bright ideas, any/all!  Thousands stand to benefit, and rather
quickly.  So far, possible early areas of investigation are summarized here:

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