[Server-devel] XO-1 wireless scan test Tim-1

Tim Moody tim at timmoody.com
Tue Feb 11 10:01:23 EST 2014

iwlist on 11.3 does not return Extra:Last Beacon.  I tried yum upgrade, but 
there was no later package.  So I upgraded the monitor xo only to 12.1 and 
am re-running.

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Subject: Re: XO-1 wireless scan test Tim-1


The Open Firmware test results look valid and I shall process them.

The Linux test results don't seem to be working.  Each line contains 
timestamp only, and no last beacon time.  I wonder if the script won't work 
properly on 11.3.  I haven't tested it there.  Can you check that script for 
me, especially whether the iwlist command is working and if it includes a 
last beacon time in the output.

If 11.3 hasn't got what it takes, try again with 12.1.0 or 13.2.0, thanks.

James Cameron

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