[Server-devel] [XSCE] XO-1 wireless scan test Tim-1

Kevin Gordon Gmail kgordon420 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 18:48:22 EST 2014

Might try your Haiti 12.1 and see if you get similar....


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Subject: [XSCE] XO-1 wireless scan test Tim-1


Channel: 9
MAC: A8:40:41:13:49:A8
Firmware: SECN v 2 RC3d
router's dhcp server is on
router's mesh is off
no internet access

11 XO-1s with 12th a logger

XO OS: Kevn Gordon custom based on 11.3, fc14 with Q2F19 ROM

Each XO was powered on and connected to AP, which was visible in NN in each 
case, and then powered off.

The 11 XOs were powered on in sequence and after all had connected to AP the 
12th booted the scan logging software.
After 1 hour the test was stopped and the linux test run.
I don't think there were any misses.

Additionally, after the test, the AP was changed to channel 1 and rebooted.

All XOs connected to mesh-1.

After the AP rebooted it was visible in all NN and all were manually 
connected to it successfully, though connection time as a little longer, or 
order of 10 seconds. I'll run another test on this channel tomorrow. 

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