[Server-devel] Handing off release manager duties to Tim Moody

David Farning dfarning at activitycentral.com
Thu Nov 28 13:08:29 EST 2013

As everyone in the project knows, George Hunt has been serving as
release manager for the last 5 releases. He has spent most of the last
year working on the some time boring foundation tasks rather than
scratching his own personal itches of low power hardware. As such, I
would like to suggest that we give George a break and ask Tim to step
in as Release manager.

1. George has been spending a lot of time and effort on sometimes
boring foundatiol aspects of the projects. He is due for a reprieve
to scratch his own itches.

2. Last January when we met, I was impressed by George's ability to
say, "Slow down, I don't get it" rather than let someone push a
half-baked idea past him. This is surprising rare in open source. Now,
much of that vetting of ideas happens in the code reviews before
merging. There is less need for the release manager to hold the role
of bad cop.

3. Tim brings a lifetime of experience to the project which he can
effectively share as release manager. We don't need to reinvent any
wheels, but some process can be tweaked.

4. Term limits on releases managers is a good way of avoiding
territorial disputes within the project.

5. Finally, I would like to be confident that the release manager is
not employed by Activity Central. We need to prove that AC
supports the project but does not control it.

I apologize for violating my own rule about avoiding private
communications :( I pinged both George and Tim off list to verify they
were happy with the idea before suggesting it in public.

David Farning
Activity Central: http://www.activitycentral.com

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