[Server-devel] Supporting basic mobile phones

Tim Moody tim at timmoody.com
Mon Nov 25 14:39:28 EST 2013

This idea occurred to me as well.  I think we need to be sure about the 
kinds of phones that are available.  What I read indicates mostly not smart 
phones.  I believe the highly successful apps, such as mpesa and ushahidi 
use sms, not even wap.  You then need a cellular gateway.

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>Disclaimer: Please do not construe this as a direction that XSCE should be
>taking, but more of a crazy idea I am exploring on the side.
>In developing nations, the most common communication device is the mobile
>phone. It is atleast a magnitude more common any other electronic
>communication device. If one were to look at building technology solutions
>for education in less developed nations of this world, a cellphone would
>seem like the perfect thing to piggyback upon.
>On the other hand, this would seem like saying lets shut down sugar and
>move to android, because it's everywhere, something I'm not sure is the
>best thing to do. (So I am conflicted about it).
>Cutting to the chase:
>1. Is there any overlap between the xsce vision *as you see it* and
>supporting mobile phones.
>2a. If the answer to that is a yes, are there standards or software that
>might help make XSCE content and services available on basic mobile phones.
>We will probably forego 80% of the value XSCE provides, but that 20% might
>be valuable.
>2b. What kind of service standards would be most suitable to build upon?
>WAP, SMS, Voice (navigation)? Most basic mobile phones today have a WAP
>The more I think, the more it "feels" that this may not be the right thing
>for the XSCE project, but still would like to have an understanding of the
>challenges involved.
>P.S. this email is a result of talking to a few people over the past few
>weeks and hearing from them again and again the sheer availability of
>mobile phones. At the same time, I'm sure many people would have already
>tried to figure out this space (maybe I'm trying to do just that).
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