[Server-devel] [crazy idea] Supporting basic mobile phones | Searching for possible standards

Anish Mangal anish at activitycentral.com
Sun Nov 24 22:51:47 EST 2013


Disclaimer: Please do not construe this as a direction that XSCE should be
taking, but more of a crazy idea I am exploring on the side.

In developing nations, the most common communication device is the mobile
phone. It is atleast a magnitude more common any other electronic
communication device. If one were to look at building technology solutions
for education in less developed nations of this world, a cellphone would
seem like the perfect thing to piggyback upon.

On the other hand, this would seem like saying lets shut down sugar and
move to android, because it's everywhere, something I'm not sure is the
best thing to do. (So I am conflicted about it).

Cutting to the chase:
1. Is there any overlap between the xsce vision *as you see it* and
supporting mobile phones.
2a. If the answer to that is a yes, are there standards or software that
might help make XSCE content and services available on basic mobile phones.
We will probably forego 80% of the value XSCE provides, but that 20% might
be valuable.
2b. What kind of service standards would be most suitable to build upon?
WAP, SMS, Voice (navigation)? Most basic mobile phones today have a WAP

The more I think, the more it "feels" that this may not be the right thing
for the XSCE project, but still would like to have an understanding of the
challenges involved.



P.S. this email is a result of talking to a few people over the past few
weeks and hearing from them again and again the sheer availability of
mobile phones. At the same time, I'm sure many people would have already
tried to figure out this space (maybe I'm trying to do just that).
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