[Server-devel] Last notice - free XS hardware to good home

Brian Ghidinelli brian at vfive.com
Tue May 14 19:51:17 EDT 2013

Last call before it goes to the recycler...  hopefully someone can get 
this back into action for an OLPC installation or use it for testing?


Last year I took a new server to Kaisisi in Uganda to replace a server 
that had been acting up.  My plan was to refurbish the original and pass 
it on to another OLPC install.  Unfortunately after acquiring a new 
power brick for it, it looks like the motherboard is the problem.  I 
thought it might be the power supply but I tried plugging in one from 
another working machine and nothing lights up.

This is beyond my time to address but I'd still like to make the chassis 
and parts available if someone can fix it up and find a home for it? The 
machine is a fanless Logic Supply serial #0523909.  Let me know,


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