[Server-devel] XSCE links to filesfrom Moodle

David Leeming david at leeming-consulting.com
Wed Jun 26 19:22:07 EDT 2013

Thanks Jerry your pointer was spot on.


I edited the <Directory> permissions in /etc/httpd/conf.d/html.conf from the
old syntax to "Require all granted" and it solved the problem. 




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With the XS 0.7 we add links to Moodle pages that map to locations in the
storage folder /library using aliases and html.conf file


I have gone through the exact process as we used to use with the XSCE and
all good in the set up, but when I try to access those resources with a
connected laptop or authenticated moodle account t it tells me that I don't
have permission to view the folder.


A missing step I think...


David Leeming

Solomon Islands 

24419 (h)



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