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Thu Jun 20 12:08:52 EDT 2013

On 06/20/2013 04:50 PM, David Farning wrote:
> I've been watching fedora vs CentOS as a platform pretty closely. You
> hit the key issue that I have come across. Most of the hardware that
> looks suitable is pretty new. The manufactures are scurrying to get
> the boards working with Fedora.

At this point we've pretty much made up our minds that a CentOS/ARM
build wont be a 2.6.18 kernel to match the CentOS-6/x86* platform; its
going to need to target a 3.8 or newer kernel, hopefully we can get 3.10
as LTS and rebase over to that by the end of this year ( i.e LTS at
kernel.org ). Also we are more focused on the A15/A9 ARM's and not
really looking to go back to v5 etc, that platform just isnt suiteable
for CentOS as a target.

> The second issue is compatibility with XOs as Schools Server. If we go
> with CentOS we need to maintain a separate branch from the OLPC-OS
> based branch.
> Would you care to revisit this in Sept when we start planning for XSCE
> 0.5? We can revisit this with more information... and hopefully CentOS
> on Arm will have progressed nicely!



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