[Server-devel] ANNOUNCEMENT XSCE 0.3 Final Release

David Leeming david at leeming-consulting.com
Tue Jun 11 22:36:15 EDT 2013

This is very exciting. I am just starting on a 200 XO 1.5 deployment in
Solomon Islands and will give this a whirl.


We have XO 1.5s with only 2GB onboard. Is that enough?


I have seen the wiki pages and will work on that but if there are any tips,
I will be watching this list, of course I will give my feedback too.


I particularly want to use the 30GB of content that the Pacific islands
jointly collected together (mostly OERs). The way we did this on the XS 0.7
was to put the content folders in /library and set up aliases in html.conf
and then add links "to resource or website" on the Moodle pages. Can I
assume I can do the same with XSCE 0.3 using a 32GB or 64GB SDRAM card?


To install, is it possible to down the image and install with a flash drive?
Then I can get the download from one of the few places here where we can get
a decent download speed, and install more than one at my leisure. 


David Leeming

Solomon Islands 


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After three months of hard work.... and three weeks of working out the kinks
in the release process, XSCE 0.3 is ready for its final release. 


We went conservative this release. Emphasis on stability meant less time for
new features.


* XSCE now runs on the XO-1.5,XO-1.75 and  XO-4.

* Modular Architecture: cleanly integrate extendable services.

* XSCE runs on the XOs' current OS 13.1.0 (we discovered some wrinkles with
13.2.0 which push its use off to the next release)

* Moodle is Back!

* Content filtering via openDNS.com

* Script for formatting of SD cards, and integration into system for content
storage and memory extending swap file (does not work on XO4's)



Grab an XO-1.5, XO-1.75 or a XO-4 to give XSCE 0.3 give a whirl:


 <http://schoolserver.org/0.3> http://schoolserver.org/0.3


If you are just getting started with XSCE we suggest using the instruction
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Holt/XS_Community_Edition/0.3/Installing to
install your first server.


Once you are through the install, a good second step is to work your new
server though it's paces by doing the smoke test at


Monster thanks to everyone who spent months of springtime work -- traveling
days from quite different parts of North America to make this community
product real.


George Hunt

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