[Server-devel] A Path to Pathagar.

David Farning dfarning at activitycentral.com
Tue Jun 4 16:46:25 EDT 2013

One of the additions to XSCE 0.3 is the ability to add services to XSCE
without having an intimate knowledge of the entire server. Our first real
test of this is the inclusion of Pathagar as a bookserver.

For the last three releases the XSCE project has focused on the basics:
1. Network connectivity within the classroom.
2. Internet access were available.
3. Modular structure.

This has been the boring framework stuff which will enable the fun user
facing stuff like Pathagar to work.

Pathagar is a simple bookserver. In this case, simple means rugged and
maintainable. Pathagar has three purposes; browse, search and download
digital books from a server.

In the basic use case a librarian or curator places digital books in a
directory on the server. Students can then browse, search and download from
their web browser or bookreader software.

Technically, most of the pieces are in place:
1. I believe the XSCE needs a bit more work handle external storage. (Not
barfing if the USB connection is bumped.)
2. Pathagar is fully functional.

The remaining steps will be to:
1. Validate Fedora packaging.
2. Create the glue code to add Pathagar to XSCE is a plugin.
3. Validate loosely coordinated release.
4. Test, test, test.

Technically this seems pretty straight forward.  The more open ended issues
is curating content. A book server with no books is as useful as school
server which doesn't serve.

David Farning
Activity Central: http://www.activitycentral.com
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