[Server-devel] July 8-12 XSCE "v0.4" sprint confirmed in Manitoba

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Tue Jun 4 15:59:19 EDT 2013

*XS Community Edition Hacking days being all day weekdays Mon July 8
thru-and-incl Fri July 12!

*Please arrive in Winnipeg *Sunday July 7, prior to dinnertime if possible*.
Please depart Winnipeg *Saturday July 13, around Noon if possible*.

Driving/flight/train/bus options are all possible towards saving money.  A
half-dozen of us are expected at minimum?  But sadly it appears Anish will
not be able to attend from India this time.  Others please weigh in with
your availability and what you would like to contribute -- eg. Tim Moody
might possibly be able to attend for half the week but certainly cannot
commit until his Poland prep is clarified :)

OK, Jerry will be sending
van/bedding/fishing/mosquito-netting/food/3G-wifi/budget details in coming
days (leave your shotguns at home ;)

Plz all add details to http://schoolserver.org/0.4/Road_Map we can later
move to a new page http://schoolserver.org/0.4/Sprint if nec, but ideally a
private etherpad pg as drinking/bedding details really don't belong above ;)
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