[Server-devel] Firmware install

Tony Anderson tony at olenepal.org
Sat Jul 20 01:33:48 EDT 2013


We had this experience in Lesotho where we were rarely working directly 
from the mains. However, if the firmware is not installed, the message 
will appear on each subsequent boot. I am not sure that the battery 
charge is an issue. The firmware installs when the laptop detects that 
it is running from an AC adapter.


On 07/20/2013 05:13 AM, server-devel-request at lists.laptop.org wrote:
>>When reflashing to one of the newer builds; i.e., 12.1.0 or newer, be sure to
>>use a fully charged battery and a plugged in power adapter when reflashing. The
>>new builds will upgrade the firmware automatically if the battery is fully
>>charged. If it is not, during the end of the reflash process it will say
>>something like "cannot get new firmware" continuing to update with old
>>firmware. If you are not watching the screen you might not see this.
>>And, I always check the system date and reset it (from the root terminal per
>>instructions on the Fix ClockWiki page) before reflashing. That has solved the
>>"stuck on the grey dots" problem.

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