[Server-devel] Attempting to upgrade XO 1.5 firmware. Says "activation lease not found"

Kevin Cole dc.loco at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 17:57:51 EDT 2013

P.S. It was suggested on IRC that I check the clock.  So, I did, and
fixed it using "date" and "hwclock". Upon power up it had the correct
date and time.  Also, I verified that the battery was at 100% and was
plugged in while doing all this.

On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 5:24 PM, Daniel Drake <dsd at laptop.org> wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 3:15 PM, Kevin Cole <dc.loco at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I thought I had given sufficient detail, but...
> Your original mail raised several questions which the additional
> detail below answer perfectly clearly, thanks.
>>      mv 32013o1.zd.zsp.fs1.zip fs1.zip
>>      cp -v fs2 /media/usb/
>>      cp -v 32013o1.zd /media/usb/
>>      diff fs2 /media/usb/
>>      diff 32013o1.zd /media/usb/
>>      sudo shutdown -h now
> What is the fs2 thing? Can you post "ls /media/usb" output for double-checking?

Slip of the fingers while retyping what I think I typed the first
time. Sorry. An actual copy and paste from my Ubuntu box:

$ ls -lR /media/usb
total 814880
-rw-r--r-- 1 kjcole kjcole 833068483 Jul 18 13:46 32013o1.zd
drwx------ 2 kjcole kjcole     16384 Jul 18 13:48 boot
-rw-r--r-- 1 kjcole kjcole   1314218 Jul 18 13:48 fs1.zip
drwx------ 2 kjcole kjcole     16384 Jul 18 14:23 security

total 1024
-rw-r--r-- 1 kjcole kjcole 1048576 Jul 18 13:48 q3c16.rom

total 16
-rw-r--r-- 1 kjcole kjcole 1260 Jul 18 14:23 develop.sig

$ df -h
/dev/sdd       1012M  797M  216M  79% /media/usb

for i in `find /media/usb/ -type f`
> do
>   md5sum $i
>   sha1sum $i
> done

d96caadcddc4ca0109d514b5ff02cdfe          /media/usb/32013o1.zd
f882851ea8e66fb0d47caf148b60fccceff1ae55  /media/usb/32013o1.zd
57d9c1d00b9735f31e95e529b8adb565          /media/usb/fs1.zip
be3ed1e60850bd7c178299290c562bcd8d2ca75e  /media/usb/fs1.zip
90c0aa8d6cceff52c85715f7791821dc          /media/usb/boot/q3c16.rom
d42c25d48129e8bb462506036646bf962d0c4deb  /media/usb/boot/q3c16.rom
e55c1b516f8dfde14dcebea89bd9afdd          /media/usb/security/develop.sig
bbc47e6bfa09a123d2969342750b2b67ff81d5bd  /media/usb/security/develop.sig

>> * I inserted the 1 GB USB thumb drive in the XO and pressed the
>>   power button while holding the X key on the gamepad.
>> * I released the X when told it to do so.
>> * I received an error about NANDblaster.  (Sorry, I don't have the
>> exact text of that message.)
> And if you can, post the output from the XO screen of the above. The
> NANDblaster error is not interesting, but the previous lines are.

Will go back and try it later this evening without the firmware and
developer key in place.

> Another useful verification item: turn on the laptop, wait to hear the
> boot jingle, press escape. Connect USB disk. At the "ok" prompt type
> "dir u:\"
> This will check that the laptop can read the USB disk successfully.


>> * I booted my Ubuntu laptop.
>> * I inserted the 1 GB USB thumb drive.
>> * I opened Chrome
>> * I went to http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Firmware
>> * I clicked on XO-1.5
>> * I clicked on OLPC Firmware q3c16
>> * I clicked on q3c16.rom which saved it to ~/Download/
>> * I typed
>>      mkdir /media/usb/boot
>>      cp -v q3c16.rom /media/usb/boot
>>      diff q3c16.rom /media/usb/boot
>>      sudo shutdown -h now
>> * I inserted the 1 GB USB thumb drive in the XO and pressed the
>>   power button while holding the X key on the gamepad.
>> * I released the X when told it to do so.
>> * After a few minutes, I saw three icons, and a message at the top
>>   of the screen "Activation lease not found".
> It's not clear to me why you are holding the X key here, are you
> expecting that to upgrade the firmware from the rom file?
> It doesn't quite work like that. What the X does is make the laptop
> boot in secure mode. Your laptop has security disabled (as you
> mentioned: no wp tag) but by pressing X you are simulating
> security-enabled. As designed, this then goes and looks for an
> activation lease or developer key, and fails. (it wouldn't have
> upgraded the firmware from the .rom even if you made it happy with the
> appropriate lease/key)

Ah. Thanks for the details. I was following the instructions at:


Details: Upgrading

Once you have prepared the USB drive above, you must:
* make sure the XO battery is in place and locked,
* make sure the XO power cord and adapter are plugged in, the battery
indicator must be on,
* insert the USB drive into the XO,
* hold down the X game key, and
* turn on the XO.
* Watch for a couple minutes. The upgrade process will begin, with
several messages displayed, then the XO will automatically restart,
once or twice. Wait for the XO to finish restarting, then:
* remove the USB drive.
* Test to confirm that the XO now works normally.

> Anyway, no manual firmware upgrade should be necessary. Lets figure
> out why the reflashing doesn't work.
> Thanks

No, thank you!  Especially for being patient.

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