[Server-devel] Attempting to upgrade XO 1.5 firmware. Says "activation lease not found"

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Thu Jul 18 14:53:30 EDT 2013


Can you clarify what OS+exact firmware your XO-1.5 has, and what OS+exact
firmware you're trying to get to?


On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 2:48 PM, Kevin Cole <dc.loco at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I haven't done this in quite some time.  I attempted to install the latest
> OS release from a USB, but it complained about the NAND. So, I attempted to
> upgrade the firmware from a USB, and it complained about the activation
> lease.  So, remembering I had a /security/developer.sig hanging around from
> long ago, I tried that.  No joy.
> I could have sworn I've been through all of these steps on this XO with no
> troubles before...
> I'm hoping to have it upgraded with the community edition of school server
> by this evening.
> Would a new developer key help and if so, can I get one quickly?
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