[Server-devel] School Server Hack Sprint (Feb 7-11, Toronto)

Holt holt at laptop.org
Fri Jan 4 02:20:45 EST 2013

Details emerging in coming days/weeks @ *http://schoolserver.org*

Please join Jerry Vonau, George Hunt, Anna Schoolfield, Tim Moody, 
Rodrigo Hartmann and others advancing their XS Community Edition & 
ebook/content efforts towards community customers & XS 0.8.

Toronto/UWaterloo-area accommodations, home cooking & personal pickup 
from Toronto/Buffalo/Detroit airports may be free if I believe in your 
work, _plz RSVP today if you're interested in attending, thanks much !_

Those with ongoing School Server projects consider arriving 1-2 nights 
in advance to polish your work, working alongside others who genuinely 
give a damn!  Prior to the larger group arriving Thur Feb 7 thru Monday 
Feb 11.

Or stick around an extra night to complete your task.  EG. several of us 
Might Even drive to Birmingham, Alabama Feb 13/14 to give Valentine Love 
to the unheralded XO/XS work ongoing in small pockets of the western 
world / OECD's largest (if in many ways sadly defunct) XO deployment.  
Where I personally had the great fortune to get an inside glimpse at 
this evolving "21st century civil rights movement" over much of December...

Help kids everywhere map their world, at http://olpcMAP.net

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