[Server-devel] XS Community Edition 0.2 Release & Invitation

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Sun Feb 10 22:36:34 EST 2013

Toronto-area School Server Hack Sprint

This weekend, seven dedicated souls pulled together to solidify,
plan and build -- getting to know each other much better en route.
What will schools worldwide really want from a server in the coming
10 years?  What's the most constructive community & solid product
we as volunteers can build within 1 year?

Careful advanced planning helped us release version .1 Friday late,
strengthening our minimal core of AP-like features on an XO-1.75:

Next we tackled version .2 with a small set of extended services,
also for XO-1.75 but with experimental support for x86 "big iron":

Further down our main page (http://schoolserver.org) thoughtful
documentation has begun under "Getting Started":

   * Get Started Hacking (developers, contributors)
   * Get Started Implementing (administrators)
   * FAQ

What's new?  In our prelim releases we're aiming towards a drop-in
equivalent of February 2012's XS 0.7 but running on Fedora 17+
including ARM.  Working forward, we want to refine core services
for modularity (Squid, etc) and content/collaboration services
(eg. Mediawiki, OPDS/Pathagar to curate ebooks, etc) in support
of library-like "offline clouds" for very rural communities that
won't have Internet for many, many years.

We invite you to join, installing/testing scenarios most vital to
your (micro)deployment and planet.  Thanks all who can help think
this through, joining our Thursday weekly voice calls where you can!
Finally, sketching out v.3 and v.4 is underway, eg. for modularity,
GUI console and fuller support for x86, XO-1.5 and XO-4:

Early spring we hope to meet again to make this happen & much more =)

Help kids everywhere map their world, at http://olpcMAP.net !

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